Future Publishing Leverages 3rd Party Content to Increase Revenue (Case Study)

|Outbrain Staff
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Future Publishing, one of Europe’s leading online publishers, was exploring opportunities to increase revenue for its websites. Historically, display and text-based advertising were its primary revenue streams so the team was looking for new ways to monetize their content without compromising the user experience.

Future Publishing chose Outbrain as a partner to provide paid links to 3rd party content. Outbrain was able to provide both revenue- generating and contextually relevant links which enhanced Future’s users’ journey through the web. Future also leveraged Outbrain’s content amplification platform to promote its content on other publisher sites to increase traffic to their own properties.

Future was one of Outbrain’s first partners in the UK. Initially launching on two sites, the results were so positive the platform was eventually rolled out across 36 other sites including TechRadar, PhotoRadar and MusicRadar. Since the links within Outbrain’s platform only come from high quality content publishers, the click-through rates are much higher than other paid advertising.


  • Outbrain has helped increase page views by up to 9% on the pages where the platform is installed.
  • Click-through rates on the Outbrain platform were above 5%, outperforming any other performance-based advertising product.
  • With the incremental revenue increase, Outbrain is one of Future’s most important 3rd party revenue generators.

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