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Yoav Tourel
Yoav Tourel


Hi, all.

Hope you had a good week.

Welcome to Friday Thing/k – a brand storytelling canvas where I’d like to share with you smart, creative, inspiring, engaging, cool, and innovative content marketing ideas that take my digital marketing breath away once a week.

How do you spot a Melbournian?

Aside from their good looks, intelligence, and kind nature.

Here’s how:

One, they will always talk about the weather. Two, they will always talk about the footy team they barrack for (go Hawks!). And three, in most cases, they will carry a Crumpler bag worn across their chest.


This is my Crumpler bag, aka the ‘MODERATE EMBARRASSMENT’ messenger bag

I also own a WONDER WEENIE, a YEE-ROSS, a PRIVATE ZOO (used by my vet wife) and two BARNEY RUSTLE BLANKETS.

The thing with Crumpler bags is that it’s like having a tattoo, once you got one, you’re immediately thinking about the next one you’ll get.

So as you can probably figure out by the names above, these are not (only) bags, these are stories.

And Crumpler is a great story.

Here’s how it all began…

I took few snippets from their site, and believe me, you will want to read it all:

The need for Crumpler bags started in the early 90s when a bloke from Melbourne, Australia couldn’t find a bag that let him cycle home with a slab of beer on his back… Crumpler’s first bag began at the sewing machine of Stuart Crumpler’s grandmother.

A short while later Stu found work as a bicycle messenger for local couriers Minuteman. The owners, Will Miller and Dave Roper, saw his bag and ordered twenty for their whole team of riders to thrash around Melbourne’s tangle of laneways. Will and Dave had dozens of people coming into the Minuteman headquarters asking about the bag…

Will, Dave, and Stu had their entire savings invested in materials for the bags, which was fine except for the lack of beer in their lives. The ‘Beer for Bags’ campaign saw Crumpler barter slabs of beer, bottles of rum and bags of limes for bags so that they had something to drink on the weekend.

Those weren’t, by the way, the only guerrilla marketing tactics they used.

They also painted the Crumpler logo all over town and put small stickers on fruit. Word of mouth spread rapidly.

Crumpler stories continue to attract loyal audiences across the company blog.

Each bag has its own story.

For example, how Will & Dave discovered the inspiration behind their ‘Dry Red’ luggage collection. Also, why the ‘Industry Disgrace’ strap won its name because Will overheard an escalating argument between insurance salesmen discussing calculators at an adjacent table:


 Such quality, strong materials, very well made and in all shapes and sizes — much like the stories they tell!

And, if for any reason yours breaks, you can always take it back and get another one. This recently happened  to Anthony Hearne, our VP of Global Sales Marketing — one of his bags (he also has few!) broke, so he contacted Crumpler and was sent a replacement.

He posted his great experience on Facebook and that was the moment I pulled my laptop from my ‘Moderate Embarrassment’ bag and started to write this post.

See you next Friday.

As always, feedback is more than welcome and needed, so please leave comments below.

Additionally, if you have anything/k in mind, I would love to discover it.

Just call me Joe.


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Yoav Tourel

Yoav Tourel

Yoav is Head of Sales, APAC at Outbrain. He joined Outbrain in 2012 as the Head of Account Strategy in Australia & New Zealand. Before that, he was born and bred as a media planner and for more than 13 years he worked in advertising, media and research roles, mostly in the agency land. He's also, a proud father of 3 girls (girls rock!), married to a vet (vets rock!). Oh, and some would say that he looks like Andre Agassi and sounds like Borat. Anyway, just call him "Joe" (or "Yoey").


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