France Holds Enormous Potential For Mobile Marketing

|Eirini Pan

Mobile Marketing has seen strong growth in 2012 in the US (+180%), UK (+ 70%) and Germany (+84%). In France, the market is still in its infancy, but is definitely on the rise seeing a healthy +30% hike in adoption.

While mobile represents almost half the consumption on the web, investment from across industry remains unbalanced with mobile securing only 2% of the available web pie. But with a growing penetration of 108% in mobile subscriptions it can be argued that France will soon become the ‘crème de la crème’ for mobile marketing expenditure in the not too distant future.

With such a promising backdrop, Outbrain launched its mobile solution for brands and publishers in spring 2013. Libération, the Express-Roulata Group, La Tribune and Best of Media were amongst the first to launch and for Franck Monsauret, Country Manager of France, the new Outbrain for Mobile represents, “an excellent and reliable solution for brands and editors, which is easy to implement and represents a simple investment in a growing mobile market that has a noticeable impact”.

Simon Edelstyn Managing Director of Outbrain Europe comments: “Mobile traffic is exploding and is dramatically changing the way users are interacting with content, and publishers want to be able to take advantage of this. Outbrain has adapted its market-leading solution to provide users with the same trusted and interesting links, whether they are consuming video or text content across mobile and desktop sites. This is providing publishers with a compelling proposition and new ways to drive engagement and monetisation across all types of content.”

For a deeper insight into the French mobile market, the team collated the most recent data and created this simple infographic.

Should you wish to use this infographic on your own site, please feel free to do so in return for a link back to the Outbrain blog.

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Eirini Pan

Eirini Pan

Eirini Pan is Marketing Manager at Outbrain's European team. A Greek based in London, she manages data insights and design... Read more

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