For Politicians, Some Lessons From Brand Marketing

|Jeff Pyatt

Going into the 2012 election year, politicians and their media consultants have much to learn from the current trends in the product-marketing world. Brands and media agencies are allocating ever-increasing budgets to support the digital content strategies in industries ranging from entertainment and financial services to automobiles, healthcare and energy. Creating, aggregating and distributing content to a target audience is an effective strategy that lends to brand loyalty.

Brand marketers already know the influence that persuasive content can have on generating intent to purchase. This is why they’re allocating time and resources into creating content and becoming brand publishers. For example, the American Express Open Forum not only serves readers as a destination for solid financial advice, but it also elevates the American Express brand to the position of the readers’ trusted partner.

Just as brand marketers have figured out that they can engender loyalty with quality content, candidates and campaigns should realize they can educate voters in large numbers by getting their constituents to engage with valuable, interesting and persuasive content. Some political media professionals are already experimenting with and beginning to see the value in this type of content marketing. For example, when President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act, the Democratic National Committee created, stocked with content explaining how the bill would impact people. But if you’re not looking for information on the American Jobs Act, how do you discover it?

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