“Fashion Heaven, Fashion Hell” – AOL’s MyDaily Amplifies and sees heavenly results

|Sarah Gavin

MyDaily is an online publication owned by AOL, aimed at stylish, quick-thinking women. With high quality content, MyDaily is always looking to attract new readers – specifically young fashionable women aged 18-24.

MyDaily’s “Fashion Priest” campaign was a content rich, highly targeted campaign, featuring unique and original video and blog pieces, Twitter and Instagram content. The campaign was timed to launch in-line with the red carpet and fashion season when content is rich and in abundance and the audience are most engaged, and aimed to target core readers online, driving them to the MyDaily site.

The “Fashion Priest” campaign consisted of daily sermons ranging from “Fashion Heaven, Fashion Hell” and the “7 Deadly Sins” to “Saints and Sinners”. In total, Fashion Priest created 23 blog entries and 12 videos. With such a great amount of quality content available, My Daily activated a wide range of amplification tools to drive its reach to a wider audience, including Outbrain.

The campaign’s content was amplified across Outbrain’s network on a PPC basis, with Outbrain recommending the content to users who were most likely to be interested in it – in this case the publication’s target audience of young fashion-conscious women. Outbrain created alternate titles for some “Fashion Priest” content during the activity, which was successful in increasing exposure to drive engaged traffic.


→ Over 116 million impressions

→ Almost 200,000 clicks, on budget

→ In total the Fashion Priest campaign reached over 74,000 Twitter community members a day clocking up 2,300 Tweets and 285 Instagram posts

→ 7% over target with 176,000 views, while page views were an impressive 82% over target with 229,000

Isobel Sita – Lumsden, Marketing Director at AOL Huffinghton Post Media Group UK said: ” Outbrain allowed us to target our core MyDaily fans and engage new readers with high quality content at a low budget, resulting in a strong increase in traffic among our target audience of 18-24 year old women”


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