Brainpower: Fans Don’t Care about the Miami Dolphins Scandal Nearly as much as the Media Does

|Alex Bennett

Amidst the heavy media coverage of the Dolphins’ bullying scandal, we were curious: was consumer interest in the story actually as strong as that of the media, or were people getting tired of hearing about it?

So, we identified all of the stories covering the scandal published to our network between November 1st and 12th using headline keywords (e.g., “Incognito”, “Martin”, “Dolphins”). Then, we looked at the page views on these stories as a percentage of total football-related page views in the U.S. during this time period.

We compared the share these stories had of total football stories published with the share they had of total football page views to see how media interest and consumer interest stacked up against one another.

It turned out that media interest in the story far exceeded fan interest:

Fan vs. Media Interest


47% of football stories published between Nov 1 and 12th covered the Martin/Incognito story. However, these stories only accounted for 11% of total football page views during this time.

We also wanted to see which states were home to fans who were the most and least interested in the scandal. So, we looked at the percentage of total football-related page views the scandal stories accounted for in each state.

Fan Interest by State


Football fans in D.C.  were more interested in the story than football fans in any other state, with scandal-related stories accounting for 36% more of total football page views than average. D.C. was followed by New York and New Hampshire, where the scandal-related stories accounted for 31% and 25% more of total football page views, respectively.

Football fans in North Dakota, D.C. and Alabama were the least interested, with the story accounting for 30 – 38% less of total football page views than average in these states.

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