E-Books, Print Magazines and B-to-B Strategy (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez


Before heading off to Advertising Week, read the following stories to brush up on your content marketing basics — including practical b-to-b tips, a few pointers on e-books and how to add digital technologies to your print magazines.

Cure Content Creation Madness — Fast Company

Don’t just post content for the sake of posting. It doesn’t work. Develop tools, create content for every stage of the buying process, foster audience participation and manage leads in order to get the most out of your content.

Content Marketing 101: 8 Steps to B-to-B Success — Marketing Sherpa

Follow these eight steps to developing great b-to-b content, including looping in the sales team and other customer-facing stories to pick up the content story where the marketing team leaves off.

What Content Marketers Need to Know about Interactive E-Books — Business 2 Community

E-Books aren’t just print books reformatted for Nooks and Kindles. Find out how QR-codes and social capabilities can make your static print content interactive and actionable.

12 Content Research Tools You Should Be Using  — MarketingLand

Your content is only as good as the research you use to create it. Find out how Google AdWords, and BottleNose can help bring your blog posts to the phD level.

Digital Ads Give Print a Bold Face — Marketing Week

By incorporating QR-codes, social sharing mechanisms, email newsletters and other digital elements to your print content, you can turn boring old magazines into cross-channel content dynamite.

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