Doubleday Publishing Group Leverages Content to Drive Awareness for New Release (Case Study)

|Kelly Reeves
Doubleday Case Study

Doubleday Publishing was looking for a new way to drive awareness and engage potential readers for the recent release of the new Bill Bryson book, At Home.

They were hoping to expand beyond their traditional marketing efforts of serialized book excerpts and display advertising by leveraging Bryson’s name and popularity to promote engaging online content.

In order to distribute the content at scale, Doubleday partnered with Outbrain to find the audience that would be interested in learning more about the author and his upcoming release.


  • Outbrain traffic proved to be more cost efficient than all other digital marketing efforts.
  • Clickthrough rates on Doubleday’s content recommendation links far exceeded Facebook and display advertising.  Total clicks were “massive” vis-à-vis past campaigns.
  • Traffic to, where the content was hosted, was 3x the monthly average.
  • Outbrain’s account management team worked closely with Doubleday to optimize the campaign and ensure the highest level of performance.

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Kelly Reeves

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