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As we burrow into December, I think it’s safe to say winter is in full swing! Instead of fighting the cold, why not embrace the winter spirit with some genius holiday content? This is just a sampling of the great winter content floating through the Outbrain network, so don’t let your discovery stop here.

Stay warm!

Winter Wonderland Party? Brrrilliant! (Tablespoon)

The weather outside may be frightful, but that shouldn’t tarnish your winter spirit! Host a Winter Wonderland-themed soirée with sparkling decorations, snow white cocktails, and sweet desserts (check out the amazing snowball cupcakes) that will turn any Grinch’s frown upside down.

5 Apps to Download Before Winter Hits (Verizon Insider’s Guide)

These 5 winter apps to download will make it easy for you to beat the winter blues and get ready for the season’s first snow. Extra handy if you’ve been gifted a new holiday gadget!

How to Stay Warm without Breaking Your Bank this Winter (This Is Life)

Scarves, parkas, mittens – we’re ready and waiting for the brutal cold to freeze our bones to icicles. This means using more heat, hot water, and electricity as the dead of winter approaches. It’s unavoidable – but doesn’t need to put the freeze on your bank account. Here are some tips to make your energy consumption bill bearable through the cold months.

Which is better? All-season or winter tires (Ford)

Some parts of the country have already seen snow! It’s time we start thinking about our automobiles and how to prepare these chariots for the icy cold and icky frozen months ahead. When it comes to your tires, do you know whether to choose all-season or winter? Ford’s got your answer.

3 Reasons DC Won’t Shut Down this Winter (Oppenheimer Funds)

While the fiscal shutdown may have made its way out of the spotlight for now, the economic issues faced by the government are surely not over. Jerry Webman, Chief Economist at Oppenheimer Funds, tells us why he thinks we should be confident that Congress won’t be willing to risk the country’s access to global credit markets again come February.

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