Discovered: Solar Panels, Super Mario Bros. and TV Homes

|Gabie Kur

After clicking through Outbrain’s content recommendations this week, we’ve discovered some pretty awesome things. Here’s a round-up for our discoveries with topics ranging from video games to solar power to the fictional homes of our favorite TV characters.

What 6 TV Homes Would Cost in Real Life (BankRate)

Have you ever paid attention to the digs your favorite TV show characters are living in? Ever wonder how much those humble abodes actually cost? BankRate gives the real-world price tags for 6 fictional dwellings.

5 Ways Outlet Stores Trick You (

I love great deals as much as the next guy, but maybe we’ve been getting duped all along! Here are a few theories as to how shoppers are getting swindled by outlet malls.

Here’s what Super Mario Bros. might looks like as a modern game (Digital Arts)

Nostalgic moment: Remember sitting in your basement for hours eating Lunchables with your closest friends, adventuring through the magical Mushroom Kingdom? Well, here’s what this mystical game would have looked like if it were developed in present day.

Case in Point: Pitched Roofs or Math – What Matters for Solar? (Washington Post)

The theory is this: if a company like Wells Fargo installs solar panels on a fraction of its retail stores coast to coast, it could become one of the largest, most sustainable U.S. solar energy producers. WaPo tells us if this big idea actually “makes cents.”

Have You Seen America’s Weirdest Roadside Attractions? (AOL Travel)

Hey Wanderlusters, this travel piece is just for you. Check out these awesome off-highway attractions to help you see the country without breaking the bank.

7 secret iPhone features You Need to Try (Here’s The Thing)

There are some cool iPhone features you may have never even heard of. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This blog reveals these simple, yet useful tips┬áto take your iPhone usage to the next level!

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