#Discovered: How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites, A Floating Beach in NYC and More

|Brandon Carter

Thanks to our #discovered contributors out there, we’ve learned of plans for a floating beach in NYC, how to get rid of a mosquito bite, and why the world needs more redheads. Keep those picks coming!

Let There Be Stamps!

When you think of commemorative stamps, does something kitschy come to mind? Portuguese design company MAAN completely understands where you’re coming from, so in their take on World Cup stamps, they took a decidedly fresh approach. As we begin to say goodbye to the noble countries who advanced to the knockout stage of the world cup, only to promptly find out why it’s called the knockout stage, what better way to remember them than with these cool stamps?

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Mapping the HIV Crisis in Nine American Cities

These stunning population maps of HIV infection from the AIDSvu project provide better data for target treatment and prevention measures in some of America’s largest urban areas, including Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. See all nine maps here.

Judy Bloom to Publish First Book in 10 Years

For people of a certain age,  the YA genre as it stands today doesn’t exist without Judy Blume. After a lengthy hiatus from the game, the Iggie’s House author is back — just not in the way you might expect. Paste has the scoop.

The World Needs More Redheads


Photo courtesy of Henri D. on Flickr

Photographer Marina Rosso gets up close and personal with her redheaded subjects for this series of portraits, with an anthropological bent.

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The Plan to Build a Floating Beach in NYC


Photo courtesy of Susan Sermoneta on Flickr

Can a dirty ‘ole barge serve as the perfect roaming beach front for city dwellers challenged to find one? Gizmodo’s Sarah Zhang on the plans for City Beach and its likelihood of coming into existence.

How to Get Rid of a Misquito Bite in 22 Steps


 Photo courtesy of Jonas Bengtsson on Flickr

Whether you’re at your friend’s barbeque, out for a hike, or you have the misfortune of sleeping with no screens in your window, mosquitoes can make for a pesky summer nemesis. Beyond the initial bite, what comes after — with all the itching and scratching and burning — only prolongs the misery. Unless you know how to treat the bite right away. Here’s how.

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