Discovered: Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

|Gabie Kur

‘Tis just about the season to really start digging into your holiday gifts plan for all your near and dear ones. American consumers are days away from the glorious food coma of stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce – and the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you’re still stumped on finding that perfect gift (after months of reading up on presents), here’s a round-up of festive holiday content that can inspire your inner giver.

13 Technologies You Can’t Believe Actually Exist (Buzzfeed, sponsored by Intel iQ)

Full of unorthodox ideas for the techie on your list, these gifts will make your gape over the seemingly bottomless well of human intelligence. Want to make your favorite Harry Potter enthusiast feel like a real wizard? The invisibility cloaking device might be the gift for them.

Holiday Gift Guide: Santa’s Picks for the Fab 15 Toys of 2013 (Kmart)

We get it: the holiday season is a busy one, and there’s no way for you to hire an energetic elf to wrangle up all the gifts on your list (or is there?). This Kmart guide to the trendiest toys at affordable prices will help you find perfect gifts for all the munchkins on your list in no time, with toys that will make your kids believe in the magic of the holidays.

Only at NM: The 2013 Christmas Book Fantasy Gifts (Neiman Marcus)

Luxe gifts for the holiday gifter ready to splurge and eager to wow with trendsetting, one-of-a-kind presents. Sure, these fantasy gifts may be extravagant, but we can dream, can’t we?

How to Surprise Your Child with the Right Holiday Gifts (Target’s A Bullseye View)

Kids are surprisingly difficult to shop for – and extra sneaky when it comes to sussing out what’s under the tree. Even if you’ve got a little spy following you on your holiday shopping endeavors, Target has some inspired techniques on how to keep the holiday magic alive.

Super Simple, Colorful Holiday Cookies Make the Perfect Hostess Gift (Betty Crocker)

The holidays bring endless celebration. When finding the perfect gift for every party host proves overwhelming, why not surprise your family and friends with these sweet treasures! Besides, what’s more special than a homemade holiday treat?

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