Digitalk: How to shift to an always-on Content Marketing strategy [video]

|Eirini Pan

Highlights from Outbrain’s second Digitalk webinar

In the recent DigiTalk, led by Ed Bussey from Quill, Kohlben Vodden from StoryScience and Alex Cheeseman from Outbrain, we discussed the need for brands to shift their focus from a campaign strategy to an always-on Content Marketing strategy.

The always-on approach of Content Marketing allows brands to communicate more effectively with their audience, which is especially important in today’s environment where marketers must take into account the real time nature of content and conversation.

The panelists agreed that combining a campaign and always-on strategy leads to a cumulative effect. “We’re not advocating to scrap campaigns – there’s certainly a time and place for campaign activity”, Alex Cheeseman noted, “but if you underpin a campaign with an always-on strategy, every time a campaign finishes, rather than going back to zero user engagement, what you’ll start to see is a delta, where user engagement will never shrink to zero again.”

According to Kohlben Vodden, an always-on content strategy should always be led by data and insights, from the content creation side through to measurement and optimisation. How does one build an effective always-on approach to content? Ed Bussey walked us through a 7 steps framework…

7 Steps to an always-on approach

  1. Own your content
  2. Integrate your content across all relevant marketing channels
  3. Allocate the right resources
  4. Create of a thorough content strategy that meets your marketing objectives
  5. Have the right processes in place
  6. Measure
  7. Be consistent

For the full list of the key takeaways from the session and recording, visit Outbrain’s Guardian Partner Zone.

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Eirini Pan

Eirini Pan

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