The Curator Code Lays Down the Law


The wild frontier of the Internet, where you were once free to roam and share as you please, is being threatened. Content creators and curators can no longer be the lone rangers they’d like to be. According to The Atlantic and the New York Times, the law is forcing them to cite their sources.

At least that was the vision of Maria Popova, Atlantic contributor and author of Brainpickings, when she created The Curator’s Code. When a blogger joins the code, they are obligated to credit sources each time they write a post with the following symbols:

 stands for “via” and signifies a direct link of discovery, to be used when you simply repost a piece of content you found elsewhere, with little or no modification or addition.

 stands for the common “HT” or “hat tip,” signifying an indirect link of discovery, to be used for content you significantly modify or expand upon compared to your source, for story leads, or for indirect inspiration encountered elsewhere that led you to create your own original content.

How does one get all the cowboys and Indians in the Internet universe to follow the law? Is it a nice philosophy or a practical method to sort the Web? It will be interesting to see how and if creators and curators adopt the Code.

Curation is a popular way to jumpstart a content strategy, but what exactly is it? The fine folks over at Percolate put together this video with some of the web’s finest curators to answer that very question.


By Reb Carlson

Reb Carlson works in social strategy for award-winning agency 360i, blogs about new media & music and is co-founder of NY Creative Interns.

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  • Curtman40| March 13, 2013 at 11:23PM

    So as I understand it a curator is a guide to help you understand the most epic information that is available, interesting.


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