Content Must be Reinforced by Strategy (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Dawn Papandrea

This week’s roundup of content marketing articles tackles the notion that content is only as good as the strategy that supports it.

Channeling Anna Wintour: When Creating Branded Content, Think Like an Editor-in-ChiefFast Company

Content marketing is certainly a blending of mindsets, not the church/state separation that you’d find between a newsroom’s journalists and ad department. This interesting read makes the case for a significant editorial role in content development in order to draw customers in and keep them interested.

9 Steps to Building a Content Marketing StrategyClickZ

If you’re at the very start of developing a content marketing plan of action, this piece is a must-read, as it lays out some of the necessary questions to tackle. By going through the steps, you will be able to determine how to best reach your market, your goals and how to get started.

A Brand’s Guide to Content Marketing iMediaConnection

Thanks to the proliferation of new publishing tools and social media channels, content marketing is increasingly playing a bigger role in companies’ strategic visions. With influencing users and building loyalty as end goals, this article shares strategies on how to distribute and optimize content.

Advanced Content Marketing Strategies to Take Your Brand to the Next Level – Geek Wire

This piece offers a fascinating look at building content marketing personas, tablet content and more. If you’re looking to take what’s working and build on it, don’t miss this article.

7 Ways Google is Making Content KingBusiness2Community

The days of over-simplified SEO sites and link farms are numbered. Google has been hard at work tweaking its algorithms to reward good, quality content — especially content that is shared within social networks — with higher search engine rankings. Get the behind-the-scenes details here.

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