The Biggest Myths in Content Marketing

|Tom Foran
This excerpt is taken from an article published January 20, 2014 on iMedia Connection


Content marketing may be the fastest-growing movement in the marketing world, but there’s still some ambiguity with respect to how exactly it works and what it does.


One of the biggest myths, of course, is that no discernible ROI exists for content marketing.

Well don’t tell non-profits that. and charity: water are two organizations crafting compelling content experiences designed to inspire action and actually succeeding in converting audiences with content, from crafting effective headlines to providing clearly delineated opportunities for audiences to convert once they’ve engage with the content, oftentimes in the same page view.

On the B2C front, planning app Springpad has an effective strategy for driving app downloads and influencing how much the app is then used. Of the many challenges facing mobile marketers, two of them are standing out from the more than 800,000 apps in the market, and being used more than once. By promoting the content created with the app (called “Notebooks”) like food tips and recipes, Springpad is able to show off the app’s daily utility and encourage its use. To help close the loop, Springpad will often embed a link to its iTunes page within content experiences, a clever way of solving limited discovery options that plague the app ecosystem.

Targeting your goals with the right content and distribution strategy is a valuable skill: one that sets up campaigns for success rather than disappointment.

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