Content Marketing Moves the Needle for Eden Springs

|Shiri Ziegelman

When your product is high quality water, it turns out your brand is relevant to a number of audiences.  Eden Springs, the largest mineral water brand in Israel, understood that providing knowledge on subjects impacted by water can transform users’ perception across verticals as diverse as Lifestyle, Health, Sports, and Cooking and motivate them to action.

Menachem Solomon, Head of Interactive Marketing at Eden Springs Group put it this way: “The health and nutrition content on Eden Springs’ site is the first stage of our sales process, and while providing our readers with real value, it helps us significantly strengthen our brand.”

After investing in the creation of the content, Eden Springs wanted to help readers explore it.  That’s where Outrbain came in. Outbrain recommended Eden Springs’ content alongside editorial on leading publisher sites and exposed the high-quality content Eden Springs had developed to new and larger audiences.

Since Outbrain refers traffic from high-quality content sources that have engaged readers already in the mood to consume content, Eden Springs enjoyed high click-through rates and a high level of engagement, demonstrated by the number of pages viewed on Eden Springs’ site after the initial click and the number of leads generated when users finished reading.

To maximize campaign results, Outbrain and Eden Springs managed a joint analysis and optimization process, which focused on improving readers’ motivation within the site, prioritizing content recommendations that generate high traffic, and improving user experience. The process included:

→ Campaign analysis on the basis of which recommendations’ headlines were improved to deliver the articles’ message optimally and to attract relevant audiences.

→ Promotion of high traffic-generating content while adding and optimizing new articles.

→ Addition of content recommendations by Outbrain within Eden Springs’ site to encourage readership and increase brand engagement.

→ Long content pages split into two separate pages, adding calls to action at the end of the first page to prevent readers from abandoning the page and to increase their purchase intent.

→ Providing Eden Springs’ sales team with recommendations on the most consumed contents in order to improve sale’s processes.

Following the campaign and the optimization process, Eden Springs managed to see results throughout the entire sales funnel, from brand awareness and engagement, through purchase intent, to sales. Take a look at these indicators:

√ Traffic A 24% increase in monthly site visits

√ Brand engagement A 10% increase in page views per user

√ Purchase intent – A 17% increase in monthly leads originating from Eden Springs’ content pages

√ Optimize sales process – Sales processes were improved as a result of Outbrain’s reading activity analysis, and around 45% of leads resulted in actual purchases.

As Eden Springs’ case proves, a holistic approach to content, which includes content creation, curation, amplification, measurement and optimization, can result in great impact on different brand objectives, including brand awareness and engagement that are considered to be so difficult to be attained and measured in the digital space.

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Shiri Ziegelman

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  • internet phone services| March 7, 2013 at 5:05AM

    informative article! creating a quality content is key to success, if you are just simply creating more content and crap this is just worthless.

  • Curtman40| March 13, 2013 at 10:22PM

    This was a good read, the key to content marketing is offering value and being able to spread that value in multiple locations where people congregate that will boost traffic and in addition if you can some how get it in an RSS feed even better.

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