Download the 2016 Content Marketer’s Calendar and Plan Your Next Surprise

|Brandon Carter


How’s that New Year’s Resolution going?

It’s OK. It happens to everyone. By the time February rolls around, many of us have lapsed on our promises to be better, kick-starting a cycle of self-loathing that’s probably responsible for us making a New Year’s Resolution in the first place. And that’s only one month into the year. How can we hope to keep at it for eleven more?

Well if you’re a marketer and you made yourself some promises about how you were going to use content in 2016, we just might be able to do something about that.

The 2016 Content Marketer’s Calendar is a simple guide to help you stay ahead of the curve — and on schedule.

Holidays. Moments in pop culture to plan for. Key industry events. Data-driven enlightenment. Lateral thinking. Quarterly check-ins to analyse your strategy and whether it’s paying off.

It’s all here, just a click away.

 Download your copy.

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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter is a Content Specialist at Outbrain. He began his career as a staff journalist for the Maine weekly... Read more

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