Content & Customer Retention – Part 1: Using Live Webinars To Step Up Customer Training

Miko Levy
Miko Levy

Retention is one of the most crucial areas of the customer journey.

After you’ve attracted, engaged and grown a customer’s experience with your brand, retention becomes the bridge to loyalty.

At Outbrain, we’ve been employing powerful content marketing tactics like live webinars to help nurture and reward our customer base.

And we are happy to share with you some of what has been working for us.

Why Outbrain Does Webinars

Webinars are often discussed as an acquisition tactic, but they’re also a great way of engaging more personally with customers at scale. Nothing beats real face-time when explaining our product.

In fact, we’ve found that most customers who have questions about their campaigns prefer to have a live person available to answer them, which is why live webinars are such an important part of our retention mix.

Emails function as a great tool for distributing the valuable educational resources customers need to succeed while webinars have become the go-to channel for putting a face and voice to this content.

How Outbrain Does Webinars

We run bi-monthly webinars conducted by our Account Strategists, finding those who are closest to our customers are the best suited for speaking on quick tips, optimizations, and performance.

Broader topics are often saved for VPs and Department Heads who can speak to bigger picture strategies that attendees can work into their long-term campaign management gameplans.

Because webinars are time-consuming and require a deep level of planning and training, it can be challenging to coordinate such efforts, making internal communication about the significance of highly educational and valuable webinars crucial to seeing these initiatives through.

Regular meetings are scheduled months prior to webinar air dates to ensure all parties related to production are aware of the important growth opportunities involved, and the fundamental role they play in tying webinars back to customer retention.

The content has evolved over time, and it’s always driven by feedback from our customers, as well as questions fielded by our Customer Support team.

A landing page for one of our bi-weekly live webinars.

We put a lot of time into adapting the content we present in these webinars, but also closely measure the webinars’ impact on our bottom line.

While it might be easier to scale using the same content over and over, live webinars give us the flexibility needed to test and optimize the experience for future broadcasts. Topics stay fresh, we can address any potential areas for improvement, and integrate feedback directly.

Our Business Intelligence team built a report to compare customers’ campaign performance a week before and a week after they attend the webinar.

Because the actionable insights we offer are related to things like optimizing cost-per-click (CPC), spend / budget fulfillment, product engagement, and campaign length, those become the data points we measure to understand the impact of the webinar on the customer–be sure to consider what those parameters are for you, and your ability to measure them.

We also look at their metrics two weeks and a month later to see if they’re continuing to optimize their performance based on webinar learnings.

Due to the competitive nature of our content marketplace, success for our customers, who are optimizing for KPIs, leads and pages per visit, is all about making sure they getting enough quality traffic to their content.

It’s another win-win scenario – if we can effectively explain how to do this on a webinar, they’re more likely to see results from their campaigns and they’re more likely to stick around.

Repurposing Webinars for Added Value

Once a webinar is over, we don’t just pack up shop and call it a day. We make sure that registrants and attendees receive a live recording, as well as a link to the powerpoint we’ve uploaded to SlideShare.

It’s not only a great way for us to deliver value to those who were not able to attend the live webinar, but it’s also a great resource for those who are interested in revisiting the webinar content.

The modern marketer has enough on their plate, why not make it as convenient as possible for them?

Check out an example from our recent holiday webinar:

Empowering your Customers

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving customers the tools they need to succeed, and in the most efficient way possible.

For us, the results are clear in that webinars have functioned as a great strategy for making sure our advertisers are up and running, and that their campaigns are performing well.

I’m sure with a little time and TLC, they could help you foster a long-term relationship with your own community.

Miko Levy

Miko Levy

Miko Levy is Vice President of Customer Acquisition at Outbrain. Miko is responsible for the global growth and expansion of Outbrain's self-serve business, overseeing online customer acquisition, retention and account management. A performance marketing specialist, Miko was previously the Head of Online Marketing at Conduit where he built and managed the online, sales and customer support departments of Conduit mobile. Prior to that, he was VP Marketing at His online marketing career was founded at which allowed him to combine his love of marketing with poker. Aside from poker, Miko is an avid marathon runner (with a sub-4hr goal) and coffee lover. Miko holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and currently resides in Israel with his wife, Liat, and daughter, Ori.

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