Content Conversations: is Video Changing the Content Marketing Landscape?

|Timi Siytangco

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With more brands investing in video content, last week we brought together marketers, video producers and platform owners for our fifth Content Conversations event in Singapore, to answer the question “What’s a video worth and how can marketers do it right?” The first part of the question is easy to answer. Video engages more of a human being’s senses, and it can be a great vehicle for delivering a message in a short amount of time. As journalist-turned-Content Director for VISA, Kris Leboutillier frankly put it, “Nobody ever tells me they want a 1,000-word article.” Also, video is shareable. This week we don’t need to look further than IKEA Singapore and the creatives at BBH, who produced a funny video extolling the virtues of the 2015 IKEA catalog, in a well-timed release right before the Apple iPhone6 event.


So, if you’re a brand marketer, where do you begin your video journey, and how can you execute it successfully?

1. Find the emotion

We spoke to Gautam Talwar of Maker Studios, whose Pitch Perfect collaborative video generated more than 11.5 million views on YouTube. The project leveraged a great formula of creative talent, Mike Tompkins + music (“Starships”) + celebrity (The Pitch Perfect cast) + fans (who submitted 600 videos in 10 days) to deliver an entertaining commercial.


In the hands of a skilled storyteller, video can bring any subject matter to life, whether it’s about international trade…


…or cashless transactions


A story that resonates will allow your video to travel as far as possible. It’s what drives a video’s sharability, which nobody can buy, and so needs to be baked into your story.

2. Have a distribution plan and budget Very few videos have the timing, luck or ready-built audience to “go viral.” According to Phil Townend of Unruly Media, even the most popular videos have a 0.2% share rate. Most videos that get a good number of views have a combination of a strong social plan and some paid muscle behind it.

3. Hire a professional storyteller – and know that you have many options today

You can bring a journalist in-house. You can work with specialist video production agencies. You can work with platforms and publishers whose offerings are becoming more robust by the day. There is also a new breed of video production firms with cloud-based solutions, through which you can tap into a network of freelancers. The video for this Content Conversations event, for example, was produced by one such firm, 90 Seconds TV.


Big thanks to all the speakers, moderators and attendees for making this edition of Content Conversations a success. To get updates on the next Content Conversations in Singapore, join the group on Meetup, or follow the hashtag #ContentConversations on Twitter! If you’d like to have a chat with us about content, reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

Timi Siytangco

Timi Siytangco

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