Content Conversations Interview Series: Content Marketing and the Role of Agencies

|Isabella Barbato

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Some of you may have read our previous blog post The Role of Agencies in the Age of Content Marketing.

The post followed our latest Singapore edition of Content Conversations – a regular meetup for professionals working in the marketing and publishing space, or simply anyone interested in all things content.

The Content Conversations community has grown so much since its launch, and one of our biggest aficionados, the amazing Kanika, has even listed the event as one of the Five Indispensable Marketing Resources to Follow in 2015!

Last October, we invited people to our Asia HQ office for the sixth edition of Content Conversations to answers the questions “Who owns content? And is it the role and responsibility of a particular agency group to come up with a content strategy or is it the brands’ responsibility?”

We asked our speakers, coming from four types of agencies – PR, media, digital and content – to answer this questions.

Hear what they had to say in these interview videos.

Andrew Trimboli, SapientNitro

“There’s a lot of education still required around Content Marketing when you talk to brands. Too often, brands are working under the misconception that content is the same as a TV commercial or a banner campaign. Therefore, the role of the agency is to educate brands and help them understand that content marketing is a conversation with the consumer.  The consumer always comes first – brands often forget that and simply focus on their business objectives.”

Hear more from Andrew of SapientNitro…

Chris Smith, Mindshare

“We hear a lot about ‘programmatic’, about technology and how we can use apps, social networks and mine data from them. But in the end we’re human, and as such we respond best when people talk to people, like in the good old days of word-of-mouth. The opportunity for content marketing to create value for brands and their consumers lies in creating something memorable, ideas and information that individuals want to share, and then using the connecting fibre of the Internet and social media to share these memorable experiences. The key is collaboration: a space where traditional agencies and new companies, often built on technology, can work together. ”

Hear more from Chris of Mindshare…

Zaheer Nooruddin, Waggener Edstrom

“For PR agencies, unlike some other agency groups, content marketing is something that fits naturally with what they do. Traditional PR has always been about telling stories, but the challenge with content marketing today is how to tell stories in a more dynamic way, because the way audiences consume content has changed so much. In the past, a PR would focus their efforts on trying to influence journalists to create content, but now PR professionals are able to create content and serve it directly to the audience. In part, this is due to the fact that social and digital channels are directly available to everyone, while amplification strategies are something that clients are increasingly asking PR agencies to address.”

Hear more from Zaheer of Waggener Edstrom…

Simon Cholmeley, Novus Asia

“Many of the agencies that are creating content today are still looking at Content Marketing through the lense of the traditional on-off campaign. They’re not necessarily managing an effective end-to-end content strategy. As the market advances at pace there is a greater and greater need for brands to address their content strategy earlier in the decision making process. It can no longer be a mere afterthought. ”

Hear more from Simon of Novus Asia…

And if you want to hear what the audience had to say, you should also check out this highlights video from the event.

Big thanks to all the speakers, moderators and attendees for making this edition of Content Conversations a success. To get updates on the next Content Conversations in Singapore, join the group on Meetup, or follow the hashtag #ContentConversations on Twitter! If you’d like to have a chat with us about content, reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

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Isabella Barbato

Isabella Barbato

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