Supporting Random Acts of Kindness with Outbrain

|Sarah Gavin

photo, giving a balloon to a stranger

At Outbrain, we’re big fans of any occasion that recognizes decency toward our fellow beings. Which is why we’re observing Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 9-15)!

To celebrate, we’re donating 1 million clicks to some of our favorite charitable organizations around the world, helping them promote their stories and champion their causes.

But that’s not all. For anyone reading this, we also ask that you join us in —

1) Doing Nice Things

Hopefully not too difficult. Buying a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you, holding the elevator, giving up your seat on the train… the tiniest gesture can make someone’s day (and yours).

2) Flooding Social Media with Kindness

Share the Random Acts of Kindness that inspire you throughout the week! Post about it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. using #RAKWeek2015. Sharing your stories and pictures will inspire your followers and other RAK Week participants!

3) Staying Awesome

Because you are.

For more inspiration to randomly be kind, check out these cool ideas.

Featured image courtesy of Brandon Warren via Flickr.

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