CC Meetup: Creating Content in the Native Age

|Brandon Carter

Our upcoming Content Conversations panel on Wednesday, March 27 is about content in the age of native advertising, a distinction worth making because at times the two have been used interchangeably when they may not be doing the same things.

Insofar as they necessitate a change in mindset for advertisers from interrupting the user experience to complimenting it, content marketing and native advertising are closely linked, but under the surface lie some interesting tensions in how they should and are being adopted – tensions we hope to explore next week on our panel.

We’re particularly excited to have Michael Fasciano and Matt Borchard from Digitas and Media Kitchen, respectively, join Pepsi’s David Weiner to share the agency perspective on the hottest trend in advertising.  What stake do agencies have in this burgeoning market and how are they adapting to address it?

You can register for the meetup on our Eventbrite page, feel free to share with friends and colleagues.  See you there!

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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter is a Content Specialist at Outbrain. He began his career as a staff journalist for the Maine weekly... Read more

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