Reader Interest Points to California as the Center of American Sports This Summer

|Ram Meshulam

When we embarked on our #SweetRelief tour a couple weeks ago, we chose a cross section of agencies in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A. to visit.

Data fanatics that we are, we decided to look at what kinds of stories people in each city find the most engaging, and how those cities stack up against each other.  Here’s what we found:



It’s Good to Be a California Sports Fan

You could forgive New York and Chicago fans for being less than enthused about baseball this year. The Mets are having another disappointing season, the Chicago Cubs and White Sox are struggling to stay out of the cellar in their division,  and the Yankees are having an up-and-down season.

California baseball, on the other hand, is having a uniformly excellent year, with the Giants, Dodgers and Angels all contending for their division (not to mention the neighboring Oakland A’s). Which may explain why baseball stories have garnered more engagement in San Francisco and LA than the other cities.

Where are the Health Nuts in LA?

In a city known for its health-conscious consumers, content about nutrition is curiously absent from LA’s top content categories. Perhaps they are so health-conscious they don’t feel the need to read as much about nutrition? A previous study we conducted similarly suggested that when it comes to health-related content, we may be consuming it for aspirational, rather than affirmational, reasons.

In its place at #3? Basketball.

It’s been an eventful summer for LA basketball, though not for the reasons you might expect. At the moment, the Clippers — not the Lakers — are the biggest show in town, as the Donald Sterling saga and a high-profile new owner in former Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer dominated headlines this summer.

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