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If there’s one recurring theme in this week’s content marketing coverage, it’s that more and more brands are starting to dip their toes into the content marketing waters, even if many of them don’t know quite what they’re getting into. The following articles explore why content marketing is really its own entity (not to be confused with social media, SEO, or traditional advertising). Then, take a closer look at the strategies of top brands and organizations that are effectively growing their businesses through content.

Why Content Eats Advertising’s Lunch Engage the Blog

Best takeaway from this article: “People seek out content. They tolerate ads.” For anyone considering ramping up their content strategy but still needs some convincing, check out this blogger’s top reasons why content trumps traditional advertising.

The Content Marketeer 50: Brands to Watch in 2012 Kapost

So which brands have discovered the winning formula for content that keeps consumers coming back for more? This site created a methodology to come up with a content marketing index ranking system that celebrates the best of the best. The number one spot goes to American Express… see which other brands make the cut and why.

Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What’s the Difference? Content Marketing Institute

Sure, a great content plan can be facilitated through social media, but despite the overlap, they are two different animals. Find out why content marketing is far more complex, but also offers the opportunity for better customer relationships and conversions. For one thing, you’ll have more than 140 characters to get your point across!

How Marketers And Agencies Can Succeed As Content Creators Forbes

Click into this informative Q&A with Jonah Bloom, executive director of kbs+ Content Labs. He discusses different types of content creation, user-generated content, why what you say is more important than how you say it, and more.

Content Marketing: 5 Non-Profit Success Stories to Learn From Mashable

Here’s an important stat to consider, as per this article: “60% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the next 12 months.” But will they be investing their dollars wisely? Businesses that wish to grow their content efforts would do well to model themselves after the five profiled organizations in this piece, including March of Dimes and Make-a-Wish.


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