Brands Tap Content Marketing to Break Through to Consumers

|Brandon Carter

According to top marketers at some of the world’s most renowned brands, content continues to rise in importance even as the shift from more conventional marketing poses a fundamental challenge to the way brands think.

eMarketer’s “Best Practices for Content Marketing: Engaging Consumers Across Multiple Digital Channels” provides an in-depth look at how content marketing functions differently than other forms of marketing, best practices for effective content marketing strategies, and the key measurements of success.

One of the biggest shifts for marketers?  Thinking less like one.

“Think like a consumer. You know, would I pin this? Would I ‘like’ this? Would I comment on it?” says Emily Schildt, director of digital communications at yogurt maker Chobani.

While brands may be reluctant to change the way they think about reaching consumers, one crucial area where content clearly surpasses traditional advertising is trust.  According to a recent Nielsen survey, nearly 60% of consumers trust editorial content about brands and products, compared to half that many who trust display ads.

The full report is available with a subscription to eMarketer, but you can click here for a closer look at some of the insights.

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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

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  • Curtman40| March 14, 2013 at 12:00AM

    Content and consumer interest occurs when the people deemed the content to be valuable, that is why knowledge sharing is going to be key for those who owns businesses because consumers are looking for answers to there problems and not sales pitches.


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