Brainpower: What Drives Mobile Content Consumption?

|Gabie Kur

Commuters are stuck in a bus, train, car pool every morning as they make their way to work. How do they pass the time? Recent insights we’ve uncovered from our network data seem to suggest mobile content is their boredom buster.

After observing variation in mobile usage across the U.S., we got to thinking: Is commute time a driver of mobile consumption habits? Our hypothesis? Yes. The more time people spend commuting to work, the more time is spent with platform options limited to mobile devices.


As you can see in the above graph, it turn out that our hunch was correct! There is a strong positive correlation between average commute time and mobile content consumption (i.e., the longer your commute, the more content you consume on mobile versus other platforms).

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Gabie Kur

Gabie is Marketing Coordinator at Outbrain. Read more

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