BrainPower: The Truth about Cats & Dogs

|Tina Coll


This year’s US pet ownership statistics were recently released. Comparing pet ownership vs. pet content consumption, you’ll see canine content doesn’t induce a Pavlovian response in all dog owners.

Dog Content Lovers

Looking at pet ownership levels, you might think dog content dominates in the South and cat content in the North. Yet, East Coasters are more interested in dog content whereas West Coasters prefer feline content. The pet content people are more likely to click on isn’t always of their furry friend at home.


Oregon’s an exception where cats rule the roost at home and online. It’s the only state where “puppy” headlines performed worse than the pet content benchmark with a -3% CTR. Puppies beware Portland!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.19.59 AM

So what does the data tell us about ourselves? If West Coast people are so “laid back”, why do they prefer reading about the more notoriously-uptight animal? Why are readers in Maine and Massachusetts so equal-opportunity when it comes to their interest in cats and dogs? For some, is it a case of wanting what you don’t have?

The nice thing is your curiosity online doesn’t kill your cat.


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Tina Coll

Tina Coll

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