BrainPower: Monthly News Roundup (Nov. 2014)

|Tina Coll

Even during holidays, the news never misses a beat. Here’s this month’s measure of what global audiences found most interesting. Was it Cook, Kim, Barack, Philae or Holidays?

Online audiences worldwide most eagerly looked on as Tim Cook came out in announcing he is gay. While the Apple CEO’s announcement only accounted for 3% of the stories published in this analysis, it accounted for 7% of the global page views.

In 2nd place for audience interest was North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un disappearance into thin air even though this story received the least amount of media coverage. President Obama and Presdient Xi Jingping in neighboring China were also focused on having things disappear into thin air, but global audiences weren’t following that story with bated breath relative to the others.

Landing in third place for most engaging news story was Philae’s comet touchdown, which may provide clues on the beginning of life on earth. Also just beginning are the holidays, which received the most media coverage, but came in 4thfor audience interest.

As we’ve seen with previous coverage of news stories, when comparing the news that receive the most press to those that receive the greatest level of audience engagement, significant differences can emerge.


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Tina Coll

Tina Coll

Tina Coll is a Marketing Manager at Outbrain. She has worked internationally across Asia and the U.S. in the technology,... Read more

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