Brainpower: It’s Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Holiday Content Season

|Gabie Kur

It’s barely Autumn, but it’s not too early to prepare your holiday content marketing strategy. We dug into our data from the 2012 holidays and uncovered three key insights. Think of it as our gift to you.


• Smartphone share of holiday content consumption was three times higher than it typically is for all other content, indicating consumers are likely to research products on-the-go as they do in-store holiday shopping.

• It also seems that people are night owls when it comes to holiday content consumption. Late night hours (Midnight – 4AM) account for more than twice their normal share when it comes to holiday content. So try publishing your holiday content at night!

• For the final insight on how to blow away this holiday season with content, check out our blog post.

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Gabie Kur

Gabie is Marketing Coordinator at Outbrain. Read more

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