Brainpower: How Labeling Blog Posts Impacts Engagement

|Gabie Kur

Do you own a blog? If so, take note: readers are more likely to click when the source of the content is not referred to as a “blog.”



Links recommended by Outbrain are presented with a headline alongside a source name (i.e., the name of the site where the recommended piece of content resides). Circled in black is the source of one of the paid recommendations: “Brand X Blog.” While some brands choose to designate the content source as a blog, others choose to display their brand name alone.

It turns out engagement (click-through rate) is 71% higher on links that list only the brand name than on links that have the “blog” qualifier.

For better or worse, we do judge books by their covers and a better understanding of just how and why these judgements are formed in consumers’ minds will be crucial for successfully packaging branded content in the digital world.

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Gabie Kur

Gabie is Marketing Coordinator at Outbrain. Read more

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