Brainpower: #GoodbyeBreakingBad, Data-Driven Recap of the Final Season

|Gabie Kur

As Vince Gilligan revealed the final season of Emmy Award-winning Breaking Bad, the addiction to this show extended beyond the TV screen and hit the digital sphere.

We looked into 33,912 pieces of Breaking Bad content published in our network from August 1-September 30 and cooked up some findings to see just how addicted fans were.


Our data shows that consumption of Breaking Bad content peaked immediately following the airing of each episode. Compared with other episodes, we can see that interest in Breaking Bad content between episodes 5 and 6 waned less, indicating this period of time was the most suspenseful. But after that incredible cliffhanger, who could blame them?

Want to know which rivalry was the most popular? What about which state has the biggest Breaking Bad fanbase? We’ve got more Heisenberg-grade findings on our blog. (Tread lightly, there are spoilers!)

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Gabie Kur

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