Resolutions for 2015 — Horoscopes, Weight Loss, and Making Money

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With every New Year’s Day, the calendar turns a page, and across the world, people take a chance to hit the reset button.  It’s not different on the Internet where interests in content reflect this changeover and our human resolve to do better this year.


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What does the crystal ball say?

Consumers are looking forward to their immediate future. Horoscopes topped the list of resolutions-related categories globally with a 94% increase in content viewed on New Year’s Day, compared to two weeks earlier December 18. This was most prominent in the Philippines, with a whopping 3766% increase in Horoscope content consumption, followed by Italy (+612%), and Germany (+560%). Americans, however, don’t seem particularly superstitious about the new year as the U.S. is only country in this study to see a decrease in Horoscope content consumption (-15%).

Overall, consumers are scouring the stars to anticipate the coming year, though succeeding with their new year’s resolutions may not be in the cards…


The more things change…


This seems to be the mantra around the world when it comes to new year’s resolutions – and for good reason. While 45% of Americans set new year’s resolutions, only 8% of these people achieve their goal according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Similar to last year, health-related content accounted for a large share of increase in content consumption on New Year’s Day. Globally, Fitness content saw a 61% increase on New Year’s Day. Japan saw the greatest increase, more than tripling its Fitness content consumption on New Year’s Day. Brazil couldn’t care less, consuming 49% less Fitness content over the same time period. Maybe the Japanese have more to be concerned about with regulated waistlines?

Spain increased its consumption of Weight Loss content the most (+140%). While the US is infamous for battling the bulge, its increase was half that of Spain’s (+70%) and France barely saw a blip (+2%). The Parisian Diet apparently staves off those Weight Loss content cravings among other hankerings.

Kicking unhealthy habits is another popular resolution, with the Phillippines increasing its dosage of Addiction content the most (+135%), followed by Italy (+96%), and Germany (+83%) – the same countries that saw the greatest increases in Horoscope content consumption. Could there be a market for helping people overcome their addictions to horoscopes? Apparently, yes:

Horoscope Addiction


It’s not just about looking and feeling good…

Careers-related content saw a boost in global consumption on New Year’s Day (+11%). Israel consumed over 6x more career content. Italy saw the second largest increase at 63%, while the US only consumed 23% more. Great Britain consumed a 20% less, Mexico 28% less, and Brazil 59% less.

 Small-business related content increased 6% globally, though it spiked in a handful of countries. It comes as no surprise that “Start Up Nation” Israel increased consumption of small-business related content (+477%) the most. While Mexico consumed less career-related content, it’s not to say that they’re not business-minded – they saw a 438% increase.  It could be more about creating opportunities than pursuing those that are readily available in the new year for these countries.


Your goal is just a download away…

The hype around apps that help you keep your resolutions may be overblown. Globally, software-related content saw a 15% decrease on New Year’s Day. And it certainly wasn’t because people were planning to get more hands-on with crafts in the new year — craft-related content also saw a 33% decrease.

While health and fitness-related content topped again this year, content on Aging decreased by about a third. As people aspire to look and feel better, they may not look to Aging content for inspiration.

Perhaps if people set a resolution to finally use that app to achieve their resolution, they’ll have more luck. Or maybe they can just consult their horoscopes to predict their likelihood of using these apps to finally achieve their year-long goals — that seems more probable.

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