BrainPower: August in the News Content Review

|Tina Coll

We’ve reached the laziest days of summer, and it seems many of our content marketer friends are on vacation. But news continues to happen.

So we quickly looked at the three topics that may be unavoidable, and the nearly 200,000 stories on our platform that covered them recently.



It shows peaks and valleys to the media coverage as the story unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. For ISIS, the exposure seemed to pivot around two singular points of despair. And the Ice Bucket Challenge? It was pretty much confined to Facebook, relatively speaking.  That is, until Oprah and a few others got involved.

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See you in September.


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Tina Coll

Tina Coll

Tina Coll is a Marketing Manager at Outbrain. She has worked internationally across Asia and the U.S. in the technology,... Read more

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