6 Back to School Essentials to Help You Power Through the Workday

|Brandon Carter

back to school supplies for working professionals

The weather may be fighting it, but the sober truth is, summer’s over, school’s back in session, and I don’t just mean for kids either. It’s back to business for 9-5ers, too.

We recommend these six items to help you get off to a quick start this Fall, ranging from the silly to the essential.


The 5-Minute Shower

Struggling to leave for work on time? Shorten that morning shower. You might think you’re already speed-showering, but time has a way of slipping down the drain in there… Keep track with the timer. Comes with shower wall suction.



How to Make Coffee by Lani Kingston

If you have a caffeine dependency and want to actually enjoy your coffee (as opposed to sipping it with a sour grimace), this one’s a no-brainer. You might be accustomed to having a perfectly functional cup of coffee to help you power through your morning emails, but how would your day go if you started with the perfect cup of coffee? It’s time to find out. You deserve it.

book cover; how to make coffee by Lani Kingston


Evernote Moleskin

I like to think I’m a good note-taker, but then I usually forget to go back and look at the great notes I’ve taken, never mind transcribing them to digital. If you find yourself in the same boat, it’s probably time we join our tech-savvy colleagues and get an Evernote Moleskine to call time on this problem.


Mini Medley from Poppin

Or, if you insist on keeping it analog, this Mini Medley from Poppin may do the trick. The great thing about these small, soft cover notebooks is they come in a range of colors so you can designate each one for a particular project or topic you’re trying to track. And their small size discourages the superfluous note-taking that tends to bury the essential information anyway.

photo; poppin mini medley notebooks


Don’t-Let-Me-Fall Cable Drops

Sick of tossing those USB cables back up on the desk every time they droop and slide to the floor?  These little rubber suction sanity-savers come in a six-pack to keep those chords in place and your patience in check.



S’well Water Bottles

Staying hydrated throughout the day is a must for productivity. S’well keeps your water cool for 24 hours, hot for 12, and stylish indefinitely. Plus, it swaps plastic for non-toxic stainless steel that’s much better for the environment — not to mention your health.



Desktop Bag Toss

For those moments when you’re first to the conference call and you have to listen to that weird Muzak while on hold. Available through Kikkerland.

photo; desktop mini bag toss from Kikkerland


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