B2B Content Marketing Strategies: Lessons from the Trenches

|Isabella Barbato

Content Conversations in Singapore

In 2014, we saw  B2B marketers increasingly use content marketing to better engage, entertain, inform and guide their audiences along the customer journey. But what does it take for B2B marketers to fully turn into content marketers?

According to a recent study by CMI, the most effective B2B marketers allocate on average 37% of their budgets to Content Marketing, evidence that content marketing is gaining a prominent role within the marketing mix. However, according to a 2014 Forrester Research study, “while most B2B marketers have wised up to the value of content marketing, many are still early on in their transition from product-focused to relationship-building content marketing.”

The same report claims that “while 51% of B2B marketing leaders rate their content marketing practices as very mature, an overwhelming 85% fail to connect content activity to business value — and, as a result, fail to retain customers or win their long-term loyalty”.

This was the topic of last week’s Content Conversations in Singapore – a bi-monthly in-the-round discussion between the audience and industry experts on a selected topic around content marketing.

Why Content Marketing?

We started the conversation by asking the audience “What is the primary goal of a B2B Content Marketing strategy?” When it comes to setting up objectives for a content strategy, these seem to be the main goals:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Engagements
  • Thought leadership
  • …what else?

According to our first speaker, Andrea Edwards (@AndreaTEdwards) – Head of Content Marketing, Novus Asia – B2B Content Marketing is about building loyalty with customers:

Loyalty and Retention are two important goals for B2B marketers, but how do we set and measure our KPIs? We asked Amit Elisha (@Choref81) – VP of Product, Outbrain…

Measurement: Optimising KPIs for Content

In its initial stages, content marketing used to be all about traffic, and marketers have long been measuring their content marketing efficacy by visits to their content sites. As content marketing evolved, marketers have started evaluating their content marketing efficacy using various engagement KPIs. Are bounce rates the right way to measure engagement? Apparently not, according to Amit. There are several other KPIs a B2B marketer should be measuring: time-on-site, page views, video views, and social sharing, as well as conversion KPIs such as purchases, downloads, sign-ups and visits to pages.

B2B Content Challenges

Last but not least…I’m sure by now some of you B2B marketers are thinking, “Yes, but….” There are some fairly consistent challenges that B2B marketers face. Just to mention a few of them, as raised by our audience:

  • Producing enough content: is content creation really the biggest challenge? Apparently not as much as some of you may think…

  • Producing the kind of content that engages and positions you as a thought leader
  • Lack of budget
  • Inability to measure content marketing effectiveness: how to get the entire organisation to buy into content marketing?

Do you face the same challenges as a B2B marketer? Let us know, perhaps we can help.

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  • Hye Jin Lee| February 24, 2015 at 9:21PM

    Liked this posting as i have been having only vague concept on contents marketing and now i can see the clear points in very simple way.


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