Amit Elisha is Vice President of Products at Outbrain. He overseas Outbrain’s Product Management group and has more than 10 years of experience in digital media and technology, in Israel and New York. Prior to joining Outbrain, Amit was an early employee and a Production Director at Quigo Technologies’ Feedpoint Devision, a provider of search engine and comparison shopping engine marketing solutions. He currently resides in Israel.

Articles by this Author

New Reporting System


Today, we released a brand new reporting system for our Bloggers and Publishers to give you more visibility into how the widget is performing on your site. This includes a new dashboard and detailed reports…

We Have a New Look!


Here at Outbrain, we usually focus on one thing: Providing readers the best possible recommendations. This is why we have neglected our site a bit and to be honest – it felt a bit dated.…


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