Brainpower: Around the World: Engagement with Paid Content Recommendations

|Alex Bennett

How do other countries stack up against the U.S. when it comes to engagement with paid content recommendations?

Paid CTR by Country


Singapore leads the pack by a landslide, with an average CTR twice as high as the U.S. and 91% higher than all of the other countries on average. India, on the other hand, has the lowest engagement of all the countries, falling 56% below the U.S. and 66% below the rest of the countries on average.

Italy has the highest CTR after Singapore, followed by Australia and then France. All three of these countries surpass the U.S. in engagement. The only country besides India to fall below the U.S. in engagement is the UK (11% lower). Both Israel and the Philippines show no difference from the U.S.

This suggests that foreign markets are beginning to gain traction: marketers can share their message digitally for a lower cost.

To study these engagement differences across the globe, we extracted data on all paid links that ran in Outbrain’s network between January and April 2013. We then segmented this data out by regional affiliation of the publisher sites serving the recommendations and measured engagement as the average CTR for each of the countries included.



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Alex Bennett

Alex Bennett

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