Brainpower: Are you mad for “Mad Men”? Outbrain reveals which State is “mad” for the antics of Don Draper [Infographic]

|Alex Bennett

At Outbrain, we sit at the nexus of content discovery and advertising. So, we’re more acutely intrigued by how the industry was depicted by Mad Men than most. We wondered, who else shares our fascination with the show?

Using our vault of data (we’re installed on over 100,000 publisher sites and serve over 150 billion recommendations each month), we put together this infographic that shows the states that are the most and least interested in the program and how it compares to the UK.

Areas where advertising is central to the economy are more interested: New York, the advertising capital of America and, New Yorkers would argue, the world, is the most interested in stories about Mad Men. It’s followed closely by DC, which has a large number of advertising and communications firms and residents whose lack of morals dwarf those of Don Draper. With the exception of California and Illinois, all of the states in the top 10 are in the Northeast.

Big Sky states care the least: Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wyoming are the least interested in stories about Mad Men.

Americans are far more interested in stories about Mad Men than the Brits: Sterling Cooper may have won the Jaguar account and have had Lane Pryce as a partner, but it’s still very much an American show. Americans showed more interest in Mad Men stories, with a consumption rate 44% higher than that of Brits.



We pulled the total number of page views in each country (U.S., U.K.), as well as within each state in the U.S., between March 1st and April 5th, 2014, to use as benchmarks against page views of the 1,339 stories published on Mad Men during this timeframe.We determined which pieces of content were related to Mad Men by the title and the publish date (Mar 1st – Apr 5th 2014).

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Alex Bennett

Alex Bennett

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