The Apple Watch: First Impressions from an Outbrain Employee

|Brandon Carter

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Gabriela Gonzalez aka “GG” is our office administrator by day, rock n’ roll drummer by night. No, seriously.

And she just  got her Apple Watch in the mail. Here are her immediate impressions.

The Apple Watch band

The band is more velvety than I thought it would be… I tugged on it in all directions to make sure no one will steal it from me on the subway. I put the band on so tight I thought I might be having an allergic reaction to it, but I was just sweaty.

Screen functionality

I wish the screen would just scan my finger instead of me having to type in a passcode.

The numbers on the passcode screen are miniscule but work about as well as the ones on the phone.

It’s going to take me a-while to figure out which buttons and swipes do what on which screens!

The Apple Watch faces

My watch face tells me it’s a full moon tonight. I Googled it to double-check though.

Also, the butterfly face is stupid.

The Apple Watch apps

Siri is killing it. KILLING IT!

When I try to set up Apple Pay, it keeps saying my watch won’t connect to my phone. Interesting.

How do I change the World Clock to NOT be Cupertino in glances?

Can I send Photos via text?

It would be cool if this thing shot laser beams.

Style points

Should I wear it while drumming? Will it fly off?

Will I look stupid talking into it? Or cool? I hope people ask me about it….

One more thing…

The box could have come with better directions.

In Conclusion

GG is geeking out over her Apple Watch, big time. She looks forward to getting acquainted with it and sharing her insight on how to use it.

In the meantime, if you can help her answer any of her questions, she would greatly appreciate it.

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Brandon Carter

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  • Thomas Validation| May 12, 2015 at 8:08AM

    I like your article but I would prefer to compare the new Motorolla smart watches and the Apple Watch.


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