An Airline Tragedy, A Killer Swan and A Murderous Nurse (30 Minutes with Outbrain)

|Juan Martinez

30 Minutes with Outbrain is a regular feature of The Blog in which an Outbrain staffer or guest contributor chronicles his/her navigation of our company widget for a half-hour.

For the inaugural 30 Minutes with Outbrain blog post, I’ll start my journey on where I will click on the most interesting article I can find. I’ll read the article, summarize the content and share my experience reading the content. Then I will click on the most intriguing Outbrain suggested link and repeat the process until my 30 minutes end.

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Article #1

I typically start my news content consumption on CNN each day, searching for coverage of important world news or breaking pop culture stories. If nothing catches my eye at the top of the page, I can usually find something click-worthy down at the bottom of the page in the sports section.

Today’s top story, Russian airliner disappears over Jakarta, is too heartbreaking not to click on. According to the article, Russia’s newest civilian airliner, and the 44 passengers on board, went missing after its pilot requested permission to descend from 10,000 feet to 6,000 feet. After the request for permission, all contact was lost with the plane.

Things aren’t looking good for the aircraft and its passengers. “By the time the plane was due to return it should have burned up its fuel,” the story reports.

This is horrible news for Russian aviation, which suffered a huge disaster when a Russian professional hockey team’s plane crashed in September.

My thoughts go out to the passengers’ families.

Article #2

At the end of the article I’m offered the following six external links:

New York Jets sign Matt Simms after three-day tryout
“I wish I were wrong” – Economist Laments 2013 Prediction
Unplug your charger
All eyes on MGM Grand
Top 10 All-Inclusive Resorts
Airline pilot distracted by new text messages botches landing attempt

Since I’m pretty bummed out after the Russian airline piece, I click on the MGM Grand link. What better way to wash away the horrible plane disappearance news than mentally travelling to adult Disneyland and blowing my next student loan payment on Roulette?

According to the article, the MGM Grand has undergone a major renovation, with new faces adorning rooms, bathrooms, elevators, hallways, and the central rotunda area. The hotel has installed 42″ LCD televisions, LEED certified carpeting, Caesarstone motif platforms, and a desk nook table with chairs in all king-size rooms, the piece reports. I’ve never stayed in the MGM, though I did sleep on the floor of a room at the Bellagio once. #HighRoller

Article #3

After reading about MGM, I’m offering the following two links:

Jennifer Lopez ‘Dances Again’ for American Idol to air next week (Exclusive) 
Vicious Briton Removed From Scene Of Violence 

I decide to go with the Vicious Briton story. If I were 15 years old again I CERTAINLY would have clicked on the J-Lo story, but since I’m almost 30 I’m more intrigued by European carnage than I am by beautiful, wealthy singer/songwriters. What’s happened to me?!

According to this gem of an article, there’s a swan in Britain named Mr. Asbo that has been attacking boats for the past three years. This bird puts Natalie Portman to shame. Asbo has caused so much terror that he’s being moved to (I kid you not) “a secret location to protect river users.” Gangsta.

Article #4

I hope Mr. Asbo likes his next home as much as I’m going to like this next selection. Check out my options:

Kissing Angelina Jolie Was ‘Awkward, Sweaty, And Not Very Nice’
Nurse Charged With Murdering Mom & Kidnapping Baby Has an Excuse You Won’t Believe
Most Beautiful Song of All Time
Ashley Greene’s Transformation
Will Your Lungs Regenerate if you Quit Smoking?

There is no wrong choice here.

I’ll go with the second link. I’ve gotta read this excuse. Maybe I can use it next time one of my friends asks me to help him move…

Maybe not: “Police say Verna McClain has said she snatched the baby so she could hide a miscarriage,” according to the story. Unfortunately for the alleged murderer/kidnapper, she’s black and the kidnapped child is white. Probably not gonna fool anybody there, Verna.

Article #5

My next round of link options is as follows:

How To Undo the Bad Effects of Smoking
Baby name regret is on the rise, expert says
Short Hairstyle Trends for 2012: The Layered Razor Cut Bob
Age Aint Nothin’ But a Number: 7 Celebs That Are The Same Age, But Don’t Look It
Babe Ruth’s former home near Boston on market, listed at $1.65 million
Adoptee discovers his own picture on a site for missing children

Well, I knew I’d make it back to the sports section eventually. I’m a huge Yankees fan and I’ll read almost anything I find even slightly Yankees-related. According to the Babe Ruth link, a house he owned from 1922 to 1926 in Sudbury, Mass. is on the market for $1.65 million. The piece notes Ruth made only $911,000 in his entire career (roughly what Alex Rodriguez makes in nine days, according to The 5,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, 3½-bathroom home, features stables, office space, garage bays and a one-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and bathroom, the article reports.

My thirty minutes are up. Thanks for joining me on my content discovery journey. What interesting content have you discovered today? Share your thoughts with Outbrain.


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  • DRE75| May 25, 2012 at 2:14PM

    It was a KHL team’s plane that crashed, not the Russian national team.

    • Juan Martinez| May 25, 2012 at 2:14PM

      Thank you for catching that. The story has been updated.

  • Anonymous| May 25, 2012 at 2:14PM

    Thank you for catching that. The story has been updated.


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