Transparency in Brand Advertising and the Need for ‘Cuddlier’ Brands (Videos)

|Kelly Reeves

We partnered with our friends at Scribe Media for a video series from the ANA Brand Conference in NYC where they chatted with top brand marketers and press about the relationship between content and marketing/advertising for brands.

In the first installment, Bob Garfield, the editor-at-large of Advertising Age chats about the overall relationship of brands with consumers, how this relationship is changing and the ways that brands are currently reaching these consumers: content. He notes that brand marketers are forced to be more transparent than ever in how they represent their products as the social sphere is quick to point out discrepancies or half-truths in their advertising.

Basically, he urges brands to “tell the truth… and lots of it.”

New York Times business columnist and culture reporter David Carr echoes Garfield’s sentiments in terms of marketers being honest with consumers and takes it a step further to claim that brands must take an arguably risky approach by making their marketing and advertising more conversational to remain relevant — especially with the closeness of consumers to brands through social media.

He notes, “Brands have to get cuddlier. They have to get friendlier. They have to be more willing to make mistakes. They can’t speak with a single voice. Can’t be a press release… It’s a rolling organic conversation that’s not going to always go out perfectly.”

He also speaks to his approach for content creation, which is great advise for any content creator looking to market their content – brand-centric or not: “develop content that has value added beyond what is generic out on the web and treat it in spreadable ways so it enters the conversation.”

And hey David, let us know if you want to see how other publishers are  making their archives more discoverable. We may know a thing or two about that. 🙂

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