A Direct Response to Content Marketing Shift

|Kelly Reeves

When it comes to marketing, University of Phoenix are traditionally known for their direct response, affiliate and display advertising tactics. But they’re looking to make a shift to content, according to Brian Mayer, the VP of Website and Social Media. Our friends at Scribe Media caught up with Mayer at the Federated Media CM Summit during Internet Week NY to learn about their new approach in educating the world on… education.

Brands getting into content as a topic is all the rage, but why is University of Phoenix, in particular, making the shift to content marketing? What are their goals for the new tactic?
Mayer says that they are now producing articles, blogs and video content to offer a “more authentic approach for our students and for prospective students” and to give them “more relevant information” when they are doing searches for education information. In doing so, they’re finding people who are “higher up in the consideration set,” when they’re just beginning their research, and in turn, offering them info on degree programs, career change information and industry trends to assist in their education decision making before even introducing them to the university. This is a very different approach from other tactics such as search advertising, which touches those who are looking for online degree programs, specifically, or those who are already familiar with the University of Phoenix brand.
Watch the video above to learn more about how Brian and University of Phoenix are expanding marketing efforts to include content, including more info on the content strategy, who is producing the content and how they’re getting eyeballs to it.
Disclaimer: As Brian mentions in the video, University of Phoenix is a current client of ours and uses Outbrain to distribute their content at scale through recommendations on top web publishers.

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  • Brand Selection| July 17, 2011 at 4:16PM

    interesting, wish we all could be masters in marketing…

  • Online marketing blog| September 11, 2011 at 10:10AM

    We can all master this if we put our minds to it – switch off the telly for starters.


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