90% of Marketers Expect Content Marketing to Increase in Importance: Report

|Juan Martinez

Content marketing survey Report- 2012

If you needed, even more, evidence of content marketing’s importance to agencies, brands, and publishers, then we’ve got the red-handed proof right here. According to a survey conducted by Outbrain and market research firm, 91% of in-house marketers use content marketing to market their products or services, and more than 90% of all digital marketing professionals believe that content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months. Sixty-four percent of the survey’s respondents believe that content marketing is becoming its own discipline, and 50% of companies are working with a content recommendation company to get their content discovered.

Question: Do you expect content marketing to become more or less important for your organization/clients over the next 12 months?

Why has content marketing becoming so important, you might ask. Fifty-four percent of brands cited increased engagement as the number one value of content, with increased site traffic (42%) and increased brand awareness (35%) as a close second and third, respectively.

Question: What are the three most important business objectives for your content marketing activity?

To achieve these results, in-house marketers are leveraging a wide variety of content types to get their stories out to audiences. Social posts are the most common form of content, with 83% of in-house marketers creating content on a regular basis. Email newsletters were a close second at 78% and news/feature articles finished third at 67%. Press releases and blog posts also finished high on the list at 64% and 63%, respectively.

Question: Which types of content do you use for marketing purposes?

Despite the overwhelmingly positive responses, the survey’s data indicates that there are several major obstacles facing content-focused marketers. For example, 54% of brands don’t have a person dedicated to content marketing in-house and 66% don’t have a budget specifically allotted for content marketing efforts. Sixty-four percent of marketers don’t even have a defined content marketing strategy and 42% believe they lack the human resources needed to effectively execute a content marketing strategy.

Question: Do you/your clients have an individual within your/their organization(s) dedicated to content marketing?

So what the data suggests is a simultaneous need to increase the importance of content in overall marketing strategy, while a larger burden is being placed on those who are in charge of creating content. Luckily for content creators, brands have leveraged the expertise of third-party content creation companies, and content recommendation solutions like Outbrain, to help meet the overall digital audience’s growing appetite for content.

Question: Do you use an internal solution or third party provider to make content recommendations?

The study, conducted in July and August of 2012, is based on a global survey of more than 1,300 digital marketing professionals working for brands, publishers, and agencies. We’re happy to have contributed to this report and we hope you find the information useful and that it benefits your content production and effectiveness.

If you’d like a full copy of the report, feel free to contact and we’ll gladly have someone provide you with more information.

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