9 BlogWorld Sessions To Be Excited About

|Juan Martinez

With the BlogWorld & New Media Expo just one day away, I thought I’d use this space to highlight some of the conference’s exciting sessions for brand marketers and independent bloggers. With more than 170 speakers from all walks of the content creation industry, the event appears to be chock-full of exciting ideas and information-gathering opportunities.

Here are a few of the sessions I hope to attend. Feel free to let me know in the comments section if there’s anything I’m missing or if you’ll be around to say hello.

10 Steps to Build Your Business Through Your Content — Explains the different types of content that brands can use to help generate prospect enthusiasm. It also offers tips for turning readers into sales.

12 Imperative Must-Dos for the Serious Blogger —Offers corporate bloggers an opportunity to learn about how posting can play a meaningful business role.

Future of Content Creation: What is Next? — A dialogue featuring Contently co-founder Shane Snow future that discusses content creation trends for the upcoming year.

Using Photography to Make Your Content More Engaging — A panel discussion featuring content marketing expert CC Chapman about how to use images to enhance your blog.

50 Content Creation Ideas: You will Never Suffer from Bloggers Block Again! — Bring a pen and pad. This session could help you fill your 2012 editorial calendar.

The Evolution of the Corporate Blog — Marcy Cohen, Vice President of Communications at MasterCard Worldwide, provides a phased content approach for corporate blogs, as well as information on how to create stock and flow content.

The Art of Writing Epic Sh*t: How to Create Content that Blows Minds and Attracts a Crowd — I hope this session touches on how to write amazing headlines. It definitely will discuss real-life examples of epic content that helped build massive audiences.

10 Critical Business Blogging and Content Mistakes That Are Killing Profits and Brand Growth Worldwide — Who doesn’t love a good how-not-to session? Sales Lion’s Marcus Sheridan discusses the biggest mistakes businesses make when starting a blog.

How to Distribute Your Content at Scale — And, of course, Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai discusses how quality content drives reader discovery, how to get high-quality traffic to your content, how to build a highly engaged audience at scale and why an engaged audience is key to optimizing for the new SEO.

Stop by booth #306 at the show to say hello to us! I’ll be there in between sessions, but account manager Alex Bennett and marketing manager Natalie Chan will be there all day.

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  • therichbrooks| June 5, 2012 at 10:10AM

    As the guy behind 50 Content Creation ideas, while pen and paper is an awesome suggestion, I plan on tweeting out all the links nearly in real time, so a simple retweet may be all you need.

    And thanks for the include!


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