5 Must-See Content Marketing Examples From 2011

|Kelly Reeves
5 Must-See Content Marketing Examples From 2011

As the year draws to a close, Content Markting Institute asked 20 of their regular contributors to think back on 2011 to recall memorable, “must-see” content marketing examples from the year. We’re lucky to work with top brands to help them get audience to and engagement with their content marketing efforts and were happy to share some insights from a few of our clients, according to our VP of Brands and Agencies, Gilad de Vries:

In 2011, Outbrain (my company) has seen large consumer brands taking huge leaps with its content marketing initiatives and adopting publisher DNA in the way they think about content from a value-add perspective rather than simply a self promotion advertising tool. Here are some of the best examples we’ve worked with this year, 

  • GE, primarily known as a consumer electronics brand, has really stepped up content marketing efforts by introducing sites like Ecomagination and Txchnologist to familiarize consumers with different aspects of its business by discussing science, innovation and embracing great challenges that will better our future
  • Unilever jumped into the content game with The Adrenalist, which provides great content for adrenaline and adventure junkies, tied to promote their Degree Men deodorant. Another great example of a great content site targeted to extreme sports lovers is the Red Bull website, which features sports and entertainment content as well as a coverage hub for their numerous events, concerts and races across the country.
  • P&G’s Man Of The House is the male response to the numerous “mommy” publications out there, providing great men’s lifestyle content for the dads among us.
  • Liberty Mutual’s The Responsibility Project is a great example of a brand associating themselves with a cause to put “good” content out there that is not only high quality, but also promotes responsible thinking, preparation and doing the right thing.
  • General Mills’ is a wonderful site filled with recipes, cooking advice and food inspiration. It looks great, feels right. and it even tastes good!

See more inspiring examples and insights from the list at Content Marketing Institute.

Gilad de Vries is Vice President, Brands and Agencies at Outbrain. 

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