5 Fashion Brands With Wildly Innovative Content

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Fashion and Content Marketing are a match made in heaven — what else translates across the hyper-visual internet better than style? In honor of Fashion Week, here are five brands that stand out amongst the sea of street style and sartorial inspirations.


Target’s On The Dot Blog

Edited by Nina Garcia of Marie Claire and Project Runway fame, Target’s “On The Dot” is more than a blog — it’s a fully stylized “issue.” Garcia thoughtfully lays out her favorite Target picks, but her most effective content marketing highlights their high-fashion collaborations, like their most recent with Jason Wu. This allows Target to explain the sartorial collaboration its way — therefore delighting the lingering fashionistas who aspire for real designer pieces. Don’t miss this month’s issue which features guest editor, Brad Goreski.



Rag & Bone‘s DIY Blog

Rag & Bone’s DIY blog makes humble claims —  just “a girl and her camera.” That is, if by “girls” they mean Victoria’s Secret models, who capture their lives in the downtown brand’s fabulous denim. The results are truly gorgeous — and consistently cause commotion around the blogosphere.



French Connection’s Manifesto Blog

“Men have lost the ungentle art of manliness,” provokes French Connection’s blog “Manifesto,” which hosts a collection of lists to live by for the rugged fashionisto. Unlike most internet style inspiration, Manifesto appeals to the man who doesn’t care about street-style, and prefers the unfussy solace of a peacoat and a little philosophy.



Topshop’s Tumblr

Topshop knows its audience well — the young people who dream of acknowledgement for their killer style.  “If our roving street style photographer asks to snap you in your Topshop, please say yes…” their street-style tumblr hints. But even though it’s mostly fueled by community-generated snapshots, the U.K based retailer never kills the thrill of being discovered.



Burberry’s Art of The Trench 

Underneath Burberry’s social media empire lies one key piece — the classic trench. The brand brought in Sartorialist photographer Scott Schuman and other talented creatives to create Art Of The Trench, “a living document” dedicated to celebrating the much loved staple. The project is refreshingly distant from trends, and instead reminds customers to stay true to the things they love.

By Lexi Lewtan

Lexi Lewtan is a blogger and internet curator who is passionate about ideas, learning, and culture.

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