Editorial vs. Paid Content – It’s the quality and relevancy that counts

|Lisa LaCour

Last week, Chadwick Martin and Bailey released a study focused on what kinds of content people share online. As suspected, Email (86%) and Facebook (49%) are the vehicles mostly used to share content.

Why do they share?

Well, because “THEY” find it interesting. The recipient’s feelings come in second.  Guess we’re all a little self centered, huh?

why you share content?

One of the things we really keyed in on was the fact that people don’t really care if the content is branded (58%), and 14% say they are more likely to share branded or professionally produced content.  To support this finding, Outbrain provided data to CMB’s study showing that the click through rates throughout our network for paid content recommendations are very similar to the editorial recommendations.

CTR on paid vs editorialMoral of this story is that readers are more likely to engage in the content if they find it interesting, and look at the source as secondary.  Great news for marketers focused on content strategy.

So to that I say, bring on the good content!

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Lisa LaCour

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