4 Questions With Storyful’s Erica Berger on ‘Singing’ Content

|Brandon Carter

As Product Partnership Director of, the world’s first social media news agency, Erica Berger knows content. She’ll be joining us for our Content Conversations meetup on Monday, October 8th to talk about the user-generated model and how it’s changing the news industry, but first, she was kind enough to let us pick her brain on what good content looks like and where to find it.

What defines good content?

Good content sings: I mean this, and I mean it literally. Think about content like a song… there should be a melody, a harmony, a bridge, a crescendo, a diminuendo, and most importantly, a consistent yet creative rhythm. Is your content telling a compelling story? How will your audience walk away feeling, and what will they remember? What emotions might they experience? Maybe even most importantly, what action might you want your reader to take after consuming your content? If you think strategically about your content, and remember that there are people consuming your content and that they matter and they are the ones who will share your work, you’ll be making good content.

What is your favorite go-to source for great content?

The Atlantic properties consistently delivers in quality, quantity, relevance, and in a variety of forms–short, long, digital, print, social. I used to work at The Economist, so I’ll always be loyal to that publication, and I also love PSFK, but if we’re talking about the future, literally where I go to get great content is Twitter! Build a great twitter stream and choose the right people to follow, and you’ll always catch the best content.

What is the biggest myth about content marketing?

That it is in-genuine, and much of the time advertorial. I think brands diving into the content space means brands taking a stance and sharing their opinion. This makes my life easier, because if I know how a brand feels about certain issues and what they stand for, then I can better make a decision as to whether or not I support their products! Help me know more about you by creating and sharing content.

What is the most innovative use of content you have seen lately?

Cowbird is the most amazing, beautiful, innovative storytelling platform I’ve seen created in the last few years. I feel like I’m peeking into the minds of all of these really special people and listening and watching and feeling their secrets and stories. Check it out when you get the chance–it’s a departure from other platforms.

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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

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  • Curtman40| March 14, 2013 at 12:00AM

    Great point content should evoke emotion, if your website visitors are not fired up or emotionally connected then it is not worth visiting the site. You brand is about catering to the psychology of your website visitors.


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