2012: The Year of Content? (This Week in Content Marketing)

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As the New Year gets underway, it is a good time to plan your content strategy for 2012. What worked in 2011 that you want to continue? What areas do you want to focus on in 2012? Are there any new platforms or strategies you want to implement?

Here is a round-up of articles this week to help you plan your content strategy for the upcoming year:

Cash in on Content and Social Media Marketing in 2012 by Forbes
Many experts are dubbing 2012 the Year of Content. Susan Gunelius explores five ways companies can use content marketing to increase their revenue – from focusing on branding to interacting with potential customers.

How a Portfolio Approach Can Help You Develop Better B2B Content by Content Marketing Institute
Bernie Theil describes how using the portfolio approach to identify topics and understand their audience needs can create a long term strategy that delivers relevant B2B content.

Five Social Media Hang Ups to Avoid like the Plague by Social Media Today
Social media will continue to play a pivital role in content marketing in 2012. Joe Cox describes five common pitfalls many companies run into and explains how to avoid each one.

Why 2012 will be the Year of the Artist-Entrepreneur? by Gigaom
Michael Wolf predicts that this year artists will continue the trend of distributing their work directly to consumers through technology and bypassing the middlemen.

Viral Video: “Making of the Hobbit” – Part Five by All Things D
This vlog is excellent example of using video to providing interesting content to an existing fan base to generate interest in an upcoming release.

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